Belvedere's Triple Threat *** MH WCX OS


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Owner/Breeder Mercedes Hitchcock has this to say about Trey:

Trey was one of my easiest pups to raise and a delight to train for obedience and early house living. His field aptitude did not show up until he was close to a year and being force fetched. Then he came on extremely strong - first for field marking and then yard drills.
He is quick to learn what is expected of him and very stable on the line and quite resilient after corrections. He earned a Junior Hunter title and WC at 12 months.

In September., he earned a first leg on Senior, lining a 100 yard. land blind, and doing the first acceptable water blind in the entries at the National Specialty in Connecticut. The next day he did an excellent job on a land triple, a double on water and honored to earn a WCX.

Note: At the time of this writing, Trey was a very young dog and had just finished his SH in four straight tests. He went on to complete his MH and WCX, earned Qualified All Age status and has become an Outstanding Sire, which his daughter Dixie had a lot to do with.

Mark Edwards, who has worked with Trey 4 mnths this past year, says of him:

  • Trey is an exceptional marker
  • Runs with style
  • Good around the water
  • Handles well for his age
  • Good training attitude
  • Extreme desire to please


Cain's owner, Van Weldon wrote, Fast as `greased lightning'. Cain gained Qualified All Age status at 26 months and earned an Open placement at three; both being in all breed trials. We’re optimistic that 1999 will prove to be another successful year with Cain currently running on Danny Farmer’s truck.

Cain’s breeder, Mercedes Hitchcock has the following to say about him:
Cain is a handsome golden of moderate size, athletic with extreme speed and style, showing a very tractable termperament. He takes the pressure of all age training well. His breeding is total field, including sire, Gus, and grandsire, “Pardner”, an outstanding trial champion, and one of the best looking of our field dogs. Cain is half brother to 5 Qualified dogs, 4 on the Natl. Derby list and 1 MH**. Mercedes adds: Cain recently was a finalist at the 1999 National Open Championship held in Redding, CA. Handled by Danny Farmer, Cain was the only Golden Retriever in the US to qualify this year and by completing the 10 series, 7 day grueling trial, he proved himself to be one of the best retrievers running in 1999. In finishing the trial, he set a record in that he is the first Golden Retriever to be a finalist in 11 years (Mo in ‘88). He lacks 1-1/2 points to finish the FC.
Cain with his trainer, Danny Farmer.
Full brother and sister to Cain
Belvedere's Encore of Rocky-vue*** 13 derby pts
Belvedere Bravo of Rocky-vue***

Gale is a lovely Golden with an outstanding head. She is a charmer, a laid back house dog, with enough get up and go to earn her Junior Hunting title with real gusto in one week (two back to back hunt tests before she was two). Her dam, Angie, was outstanding in very limited training and showing in Novice Obedience with Laura Giblson. Her sire, Stormy, has an outstanding record in Conformation, including going BOB at Westminster in 1998.