They're Here!

Thursday, November 9th, 2006
Well we are already at day three and these little guys are doing great. I must say that it is more a blessing than a curse to always have smaller litters. It's so much easier on mom and we don't have to worry so terribly about keeping the weight on Spirit as the little monsters suck the life out of her. With only three, it's not that big of a concern. Right now, the babies are already showing signs of what we call the "Peter Paul Rubens Horse" stage. <grin>

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Spirit looks amazingly good here considering how strong the contractions were at this point. Cricket was bored out of her gourd. Dixie too. Neither were very impressed with missing their walk.
Terry and JoJo counting nipples. Yep, they're all there! Dixie sits with JoJo watching Spirit's contractions from ahigh. She seemed to take a sick delight in it. Sort of a Roman Coliseumish scene if you ask me. Blue boy makes his entrance - and looses his placenta.
Introductions are made. Spirit looks VERY relieved to have that over with. Surely she realizes there is more to come. It's a boy!
Let's get that kid weighed. Don't forget to change it from kilos to pounds though. Whew that took a lot out of me! If I hide in here, maybe they'll stop fussing with me.
Not a chance, look at that face. Let's get some milk. Sorry, all out of cookies. Orange boy makes his entrance.
Are you my mommy?    
  Pink Girl makes her debut feeling a little peekish. She inhaled some fluid after the sack broke. It took some work on Terry's part to get the fluid out but pretty soon she was singing up a storm.
The next evening Terry and I did the pie tin routine with them which is part of a series of activities we do with all our litters. To read more about it, go here.

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