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Latest News!


September 5, 2000 - Pepper Delivers 4 Girls and 3 Boys
May 10, 2000 - Cricket's pup is here!
February 27, 2000 - Big Tracking Day for two Coppertop Kids and their Dad - TDs for all
September 1, 1999 - The Coppertop Kids Pages is open
July 3, 1999 - And Yet Another 200
May 23, 1999 - Cricket Gets Another 200!
February 13, 1999 - Cricket Wins Big at NORCAL Winter Specialty
January 23, 1999 - Big Night at Awards Banquet
January 3, 1999 - The Pups Are Here
December 31, 1998 - Pictures of Lindy and Cricket with their GRCA 1998 National Specialty Trophies
December 6, 1998 - Cricket Finishes her UDX Title
November 30, 1998 - Pepper is Pregnant
November 27, 1998 - Lindy Finishes her AX
November 22, 1998 - Cricket Finishes her Obedience Trial Championship

September 5, 2000 - Pepper Delivers 4 Girls and 3 Boys!!

September 5, 2000
Pepper delivered her second litter this morning from about 9 - 10:30 AM. It was a very easy and quick delivery that ended with Mom and all 7 pups -- 4 girls and 3 boys -- doing well. This is a repeat breeding to Jammer from whom we got five wonderful performance pups in January of 1999. Like their older siblings, we expect these new babies to be very fine obedience, field, and agility prospects. We will be updating this site in the weeks to come but in the mean time, if you are interested in knowing more about the potential of this pairing, check out the pages from the first litter or this link to the Coppertop Kids pages.


First AKC Titles For Two Of The Pepper/Jammer Litter

February 27, 2000
On a blustery day threatening with rain (perfect for tracking), Biscuit, Shana and their dad Jammer got their TD titles in Sacramento. The test was held by Sacramento DTC at Mather AFB Regional Park and the judges were Gail Burnham and Bob Rollins. Of course plenty of pictures were taken of the event so follow this link for a look. More on the tracking test plus - you guessed it - more pictures.



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Click here to go to the Coppertop Kids Pages

Golden Retrievers


The Kids Pages!

Follow these youngsters as they grow up and take their first steps into adulthood.  The pictures have been flowing in and boy are they cute.  These pages will be updated often in order to follow each of these pup's careers.

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Mr. Rex Wolf of Colorado Springs with Terry and Cricket in Long Beach.

Photo by Rich Bergman


Cricket Gets Her Fifth 200

July 3, 1999 Long Beach, CA
Under the scrutinizing eye of judge Mr. Rex E. Wolf, Terry and Cricket turned in their fifth perfect Open B performance in Long Beach at the Shoreline DF show.   

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Curt Cunningham from Torrance, CA with Terry and Cricket basking in their glory. 


Cricket Gets Her Fourth Perfect Score

May 23, 1999 Pleasanton CA.
Today Cricket turned in a perfect performance at the Oakland Dog Training Club in the Open B class.  This is the fourth 200 Cricket has earned in the past year.   We are immensely proud of our girl.  Terry called Steve at home from the trial and asked how long it would take to drive to the show and take pictures as there was no photographer available.  Steve made it up there before the judge had to leave to catch his plane.  This is the first 200 to be awarded by Curt Cunningham in the many years he's been judging.

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Keeping it all in the family, the only person not related to Cricket in this picture is the Judge!  Steve was the Obedience Chair for the Specialty so he got into the picture action as well as Debbie Claussen who owns Cricket's dad, Ch. Ashford's Saffron O'Reilly UD JH WCX SDHF OS (O'Reilly).  Debbie was the Show Chair and also was the artist behind all the wonderful trophies!  The judge is Mrs. Carol R. Callahan

Photo by Cook Photography  - used with permission


Cricket Takes HIT and High Combined at Specialty

Today at the Norcal GRC Winter Specialty, Cricket went High in Trial out of the Utility B class with a score of 199.5.  This is her first 199.5 in Utility and it sure was exciting.   Then she won Open B with a 199 to sew up High Combined as well.  In the end she came away with HIT, HC, High Hunting, High Tracking and High OTCH for a large load of trophies. Once again refusing to be outdone, Lindy won the Veterans Obedience class with a beautiful performance and her own 199.5, matching her daughter's HIT score.

Big Night at NORCAL Awards Banquet

It has been a busy year for all three girls and they had lots of title bars to pick up at Norcal Golden Retriever Club's annual awards banquet.  The evening held two very special moments for us: the first was when it was announced that Cricket had earned Top Obedience Dog for 1998; the second was when Lindy received her plaque for earning the coveted Super Achiever Award.  Lindy is only the second dog to earn this award in the history of the club.  To earn this award, a dog must have at least three of the following five titles: Breed CH, UDX, TDX, AX or MH.  Lindy achieved the award by earning her UDX, TDX and AX.  We are very proud her!

Puppy Pics!!

January 3, 1999
Pepper's babies have arrived!! She and Jammer are the proud parents of 4 lovely daughters and 1 handsome son.  Click here to go to the Litter Page!

Trophy Pics!

December 31, 1998
I finally got around to taking pictures of Lindy and Cricket with the bounty of trophies they won at the GRCA National in Seattle this year.  What a wonderful weekend that was!  Here they are:

cl_trph.jpg (19747 bytes) c_trophy.jpg (20801 bytes) l_trophy.jpg (17982 bytes)
This is a combined shot of all of the trophies this mother/daughter team received over a period of three days. Cricket came away with High in Trial Obedience, High in Trial Agility, High Scoring Hunting, High Scoring Agility, and High Scoring Tracking.  She also won the Mud Creek Flare UD Trophy.   This is awarded to the GRCA member-breeder-owner-handler of the Highest Scoring Dog in the Regular Obedience Classes.  Finally, she won the Ch. Indian Knoll's Colonel UD *** Trophy.  It is awarded to the GRCA member whose dog is the Highest Scoring Dog in the Regular Obedience Classes Lindy sure made us proud. She won the Jeannie Fox Memorial Trophy, donated by our good friend and breeder of our first Golden (Lucy), Jan Teichman.  This trophy is awarded to the GRCA member-owner whose dog is the Highest Scoring Dog in the Veterans Obedience Classes.

Cricket Adds UDX To Her List of Accomplishments

December 6, Vallejo Ca.
Cricket finished her UDX title today.  She accomplished this title in just 14 shows.  She had just finished her OTCH the weekend before so this was the icing on the cake.  After coming out of heat just three weeks before she was performing a little flat but still managed to pull off third place in both the Open and Utility rings.  The show was Marin County DTC at the Vallejo Fairgrounds.   Judges were Christopher Cornell (Utility) and Richard Christ (Open).

Pepper Is Pregnant!

November 30, San Jose Ca.
Well we just got back from Dr. Cain's office and the ultrasound showed at least 6 pups in residence!  Pepper's due date is January 1st so it looks like New Year's puppies.  When asked what he thought about the exciting news, father-to-be Jammer (Emberain Jelly's First Jam CDX JH MX MXJ WCX AAD EAC EJC NGC) said, "woowoowoowoooo!"   We are busy preparing the puppy packets to send out to inquiring minds.  Pepper still wonders what the fuss is all about. 

More about this breeding

Lindy Finishes AX Title

November 27, Northridge Ca.
She did it!  At the tender age of 10, our eldest girl finished her Agility Excellent title.  To watch her in the ring, you'd never guess her age if it weren't for her white face.  She moves through an agility course with a speed envied by many dogs half her age.  No doubt she would have finished this title quicker had we been able to slow her down a little!  As it is, she went from her first trial in April and finished her Novice, Open and Excellent titles in just 7 months.   Not wanting to push her, we will more than likely retire Lindy from active agility competition.  There is still Variable Surface Tracking to look forward to with her and Terry plans on letting Lindy teach her what that is all about as she has done with just about everything else.   Congratulations, Lindy!

New Obedience Trial Champion In The Family!

November 22, Stockton, Ca.
Cricket finished her OTCH in style on November 22, 1998, at the San Joaquin KC Trial by winning HIT out of Open B with a score of 199.5.  She also earned both HIT and HC the day before.  Unfortunately, Terry thought they still needed 4 more points to finish and had resisted the urge to have HIT/HC pictures taken.  In an odd twist of fate, neither host club had requested pix of the HIT dog (very unusual at our KC shows); consequently, we have no New OTCH picture to commemorate the event.  What a weekend to suddenly become budget conscious!  We are totally amazed at how quickly she knocked this title out.  Having finished her UD on August 1st, she took only 4 months and 12 shows to tally up her 100 points and three required wins.   Along the way, she  picked up eight Open firsts and four Utility firsts.   She finished out the year holding a 198 average out of 21 qualifying Open classes and a 196.4 average in 15 qualifying Utility classes.  We are VERY proud of her.

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