Reunion At Nine Months

Circumstances brought Polly and family up to the Bay Area from Los Angeles last week which gave us the perfect opportunity to through a little party.  Only three of the five pups could make it but we managed to have an awful lot of fun  Present were Mom, Dad, Aunts, and roommates galore - eleven dogs in all.    Of course we had to get them together for a group shot and below, you'll find some of those pictures.  I'm still waiting for those pictures the others took and will post them here as I get them.


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Front Row: Jammer, Pepper
Back Row: Biscuit, Ted, Polly
My battery went dead in the middle of all of this which left the camera very VERY confused I think.  Because I was shooting from a tripod, the multiple exposures created from this malfunction (three of them) lined up perfectly with each other.  I guess if you don't get a big enough litter, this is one way to correct it, no?  Pat would have you note that Ted is the ONLY dog that does not change positions!  I'm not sure if I buy that. Pepper, Polly and Ted

9mths4.jpg (31991 bytes)

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Jammer, Pepper, Polly and Ted Polly, Biscuit and Ted


New Pictures From Bob, Polly's Dad

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