The Tracking Test

First Titles for Shana and Biscuit!!

On a blustery day threatening with rain (perfect for tracking), Biscuit, Shana and their dad Jammer got their TD titles in Sacramento. The test was held on February 27, 2000 by the Sacramento DTC at Mather Afb Regional Park. The judges were Gail Burnham and Bob Rollins. Pat White and brother Ted came out to watch and help us cheer them on. In fact, all of the group shots below were taken by Pat. Thanks Pat!!

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Cindy and Shana returning from their successful track. Give me that glove! It's mine I tell ya! A picture with the judges
Biscuit with Mom and Dad after making them very happy. Ed and Jammer - a triumphant return. A formal pose.
Pepper and Ted got in the act for a group pose. That's them on the left. Pepper, Ted, Shana, Biscuit and Jammer Ted and Shana
Ted, Shana, Pepper, Biscuit and Jammer Ted, Shana and Pepper

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