7 Weeks Old

The Conformation Critique

A huge thanks to Debbie (Granny) Claussen for once again being so nice and doing the conformation critique for us. Debbie owns Cricket's father, O'Reilly. Also thanks to Eileen Oshiro for donating her fingers while stacking and baiting the little monster here. Ouch! We were very happy with the results of both the temperament testing and the conformation critique. Even had there been more than just one pup in this litter, she would have been a keeper by any standard. Oh, yes, the little darling finally has a name! It's Dixie. We have yet to decide on a registered name, but there is plenty of time for that little detail. This is where Dixie's puppy story ends. She is now a full-fledged member of the Southard family, with all rights and privileges accorded that position. Well, almost all of them! We will be picking up her continued story on the Dixie Page where it belongs.


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