Days Four Through Seven

Here are the latest pics. I took these over a period of several days. I decided to try a new film - Fugi Riala 100 ASA, which is a very fine grain film, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. Should be able to enlarge a couple of these with great results. I am still waiting for my primary camera to get back from Canon in Southern Cal. Ugh!! They will have it for another week or two trying to fix a mysterious problem. Maybe they'll give up and give me a new camera body! Until then, I have to suffer with bad eyesight and no autofocus but I'm not knocking the old Canon AE. It's a great old camera with really good glass but none of the cheat features I've grown so fond of with my Elan IIe. Thank goodness for the sharpening filters in PhotoShop!!!

This morning marked a moment of real import - Terry found a solid poop in the whelping box!! Until now, we weren't completely sure she didn't have loose stools as she was very gassy (whoeee let me tell ya!) but we never saw anything to match what we were smelling since Cricket was always right there keeping her clean. It's been kind of a cat and mouse game - smell the gas, race over to take a look, there's Cricket smiling. Foiled again. Heck, maybe it's Cricket with the gas! All of that said, we have not been overly concerned as she continues to maintain a very healthy (almost TOO healthy) weight gain.

I'm wondering if we shouldn't take out the pig rails at this point because she's gotten to the size where they are no longer going to protect her from much, and she keeps getting hung up in them. Has this annoying habit of draping her neck over them or slinging her front legs over them and laying there suspended. I'm convinced this one wants to be a gymnast! As you can see in the photos, she likes to burrow under or climb over all the various things that are laying around in the whelping box. Terry's workmates gave her the cute backpack in the shape of a big puppy which Pink Girl is enjoying crawling all over and even napping on as you see. What a character! I'll not be taking any more pictures until her eyes have been open for a while. They are already showing signs of starting now. Will probably take more at three weeks old - maybe for her first trip outdoors.

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