Days Five And Six

More Pictures! Dew claws were removed yesterday. It was not a very restful day for anyone, including Spirit, who didn't understand why her babies were so fussy. By evening they were pretty much over the trauma, and they slept well last night. There were big weight gains in the past two days and they are turning into little porkers.

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Day 5

Day 6
We had some company today. Louise and Cindy came over with Auntie Shana to see the pups. Terry did scent stimulation with them using a slice of apple, and we re-tested them on the pie tin. I talk about this testing process in the pages from a previous litter. To read about it, go here.
Got some pictures of most of the pups doing each. The cute toy in the last three pictures is something Louise brought over the for the puppies. Spirit confiscated it though, saying the pups were too young to play with it.


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