They're Here!

Wednesday the 14th of April
It took me a long time to put this page up. We were so darn busy after getting back with the pups that I just didn't have time to organize all the pictures I was taking--but I was taking them. Things have been going very well. Dixie had some diarrhea but we have that under control now. New moms often get that so we weren't too concerned but she was pretty miserable for a couple days. Today was dewclaw removal day so the babies were not feeling too hot, though they have not been crying as much as some litters. At least this bunch can be consoled by picking them up and nuzzling them until they go back to sleep. We've seen it where they've cried non-stop for 12 hours or more, and that is not fun for them or anyone else in the household.
These pictures start with the first one I took just an hour after we got back from the emergency clinic and on through the first week. I'll continue to add more to this page and then start another page for week number two. Right now, the babies are getting quite fat and reaching what we call the "Peter Paul Rubens Horse" stage. <g>

Sunday the 18th of April
I just added some more pictures to the bottom of this page taken about 3 days ago. Those are the final pictures of week one. On to week two!


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