Week Four

Sunday 5-02-04
Today marks the beginning of the puppies' fourth week. They turned 3 weeks old yesterday, and from now on there will be lots of changes. For starters, they got new digs. We tore down the whelping box this afternoon and put up the larger puppy pen, complete with potty box. Now they just have to learn how to use it. We'll be using lots of newspaper in the meantime. This marks the beginning of a big increase in the amount of work on our part--changing out papers and picking up poop. Today was also the puppies' first official meal other than momma's milk. They got a mixture of cream of rice, lean ground beef and a little puppy formula. Yum! I took tons of pictures of course. The first feeding is always the height of cuteness. Dixie, Cricket and Spirit were close by hoping to get asked to play cleanup crew. Mommy Dixie got the honors, as is fitting, though Granny Cricket and Auntie Spirit each got a couple of licks in too. At one point, I looked over into the pen and noticed that blue boy was over with purple boy and purple was cleaning blue's face for him. By the time I got the camera aimed at them, they had launched into a play session, doing their elephant seal imitation.

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