Week Six

Wednesday 5-19 -04
We're half way through week six! Holy cow, time is flying. The pups have been spending their leisurely afternoons and evenings out on the back lawn, enjoying their new digs. I've started playing little chase games with them individually and by this weekend should have them all chasing me gleefully around the backyard. The goal is always to have them chasing me all the way out to the dog run in the morning by the last week so I hope to meet that goal with this litter. It's always nice to send them off to their new homes with the idea already instilled into their little heads that going potty is an outdoor kind of thing. Tonight will be their first evening in the kitchen. We have a separate potty box set up in there for them to use. They've been great about using the potty box in the living room pen. I'm always amazed at how easy it is to get them to do that and it is SUCH a relief not to be dealing with collecting newspapers from friends, neighbors and co-workers. Two bags of Carefresh in a potty box has lasted 3 weeks so far with this small litter with no smell. Awesome stuff. Here are pictures I took on Sunday evening. I'll take some more tonight and try and get them up here. I love the picture of pink girl trying to climb down from the raised bed and falling on her face. Splat. What a character. That didn't dissuade her from doing it again. <g> She has it perfected now, as do the others.

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