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The day Lindy finished her Junior Hunter title - July 7th, 1991

A happy bumper at the end of the day for a job well done. I was there - I took this photograph and I STILL can't figure how she got so much height and distance on this water entry. She just picked up the landing gear and took off!

Training out at Jones Lake in Pescadero, CA Vacation in Tahoe A picture I took in May, 2000.
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Lindy slammin' the poles in Sonora '98
Photo Courtesy -
Ann Clayborn Studios
One of my favorite pictures of Lindy.   We stopped at the  Ogier Rd. training area late in the evening as a treat for the dogs after a long ride home from the July Ventura shows in '97.   The sun was low and red and Lindy was wet and red! Lindy over the triple jump
Photo Courtesy - Ann Clayborn Studios
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All right, you caught me.  The grass wasn't REALLY that green! Lindy as a pup, learning about clumps of grass. Lindy at Mono Lake.
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Through the tire at an agility trial at Hayward State Over a panel jump at the same trial. High in Trial and High Combined at Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club on August 23, 1992.  Pictured with them are judge Lois Seibak and Rosalie Alvarez, Obedience Chairperson.
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I spent a lazy afternoon photographing Lindy under indoor lights and various lighting angles. She's SO patient with me. Well okay, patient to a point.
  An Evening In The Park  

The following pictures were taken shortly before Lindy started chemotherapy for Lymphoma in August of 2001. At the time we thought we were going to have to say goodbye as she had been quite ill, but a short schedule of prednisone bought us the time we needed to seek help from an oncologist. As you can see, she was feeling pretty darn good that evening and had a ball chasing bumpers.

  Happy 13th Birthday!  
On October 20th, Lindy celebrated her 13th birthday! It was a joyous occasion and was attended by many of her children and grandchildren. Terry made liver cake and decorated it with liver pate and meatball candleholders - it was a thing of beauty and the fur-guests thought it was pretty great too. Lindy and the gang spent the day playing birthday games in the park, and in the evening she got to lick the candles and open her presents. We all had a great time!
  Saying Goodbye  
Soon after Lindy's birthday, it became clear the chemo was not working. Her lymph nodes were increasing in size and we decided rather than put her on a more aggressive treatment with potentially worse side effects, we'd put her back on pred and keep her comfortable until she told us when it was time. December 3, 2001, was that day. She had a bad night and that morning she was having a hard time breathing because the lymph nodes in her neck were grossly swollen. We couldn't put her through another night like that. She had been pretty comfortable right up to that point. Our regular vet, Dr. Stan Ueno, was so kind to come to our house and let Lindy leave us surrounded by her loved ones in her own home. She went peacefully in our arms. Earlier in the day, we had given her another dose of pred even though she was not eating and it was amazing how she perked up. We decided to get a few more pictures of her because she looked so good and it was so hard to believe our precious time with her was drawing to a close. We are both so grateful she gave us one of the nicest pictures we've ever taken of her. It speaks volumes of Lindy and catches the essence of our beautiful girl who started all that is Coppertop. To look at her here, you'd never know she had been so terribly sick just hours before. We also got some group shots of the family, for which we are also very thankful. They turned out to be the last pictures I ever took of my sweet Pepper as she was killed in a terrible auto accident less than 2 weeks later.

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