They're Here!

The pups are finally here!  They began arriving shortly after 3:30 AM on Sunday morning, January 3, 1999.  There are 4 girls and 1 boy and all are very healthy.  Each weighed 15 oz and all except one girl appear to be darker like their dad, Jammer.  Here are some pics taken during whelping.  Thanks SO much to Dee Dee Anderson, her son ,Kevin, and our dear friend, Louise Bryan, for coming over and helping with this litter!  Not only did they offer support and expert advise, they made it possible for me to take these pictures and get most of the whelping on video.  I will be adding installments to this page as time goes on.  I hope you will visit again and follow along on our adventure as we prepare these pups for their new homes and hopefully successful careers as working retrievers.

Two & Three Days Old
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Here is "Little Pink Girl", the first born! "Little Miss Red Girl"  She has attitude! "No pictures please! Not before I talk to my agent."
red3.jpg (15727 bytes) red4.jpg (13225 bytes) torq1.jpg (13936 bytes)
"And whom might you be??" "Oh, my mummy!" "Little Miss Turquoise"
peppost.jpg (13530 bytes)
Pepper looks so at ease and pleased with herself.  A far cry from how she looked just three hours before!!

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