Seven Weeks Old
Saturday, February 19, 1999

Goin' Home Soon!

I continued to sneak out and take pictures of them this week.  It was so funny because no matter how stealthy I was, they would eventually smell me out even when the wind was blowing in my direction.  We added some more fun stuff in the outdoor area for them to play on and in, including a pottery "Cat Cave" that Terry made back when she used to play in that medium. They love to sleep in the cave on warm afternoons because it's nice and cool in there. I put the runner boards on top of it to make a kind of dog walk for them.  Next came an honest to goodness puppy teeter and A-frame. They loved that! It was sure a hoot to see them all trying to play on the teeter.  It was like the Keystone Cops!  Today was conformation testing day.  "Great Granny" Debbie Claussen was kind enough to come over and go over them with her trained eye.  We were also able to test them on pigeons today--boy are they birdy!  That was very exciting. Tomorrow is obedience testing day and then it will be time to make the final choices as to which homes they will be going to. All the homes are working homes of various degrees and we're really pleased with each and every one of them.  

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Pink Girl hanging out in the "Cat Cave" Turquoise Girl
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Pink Girl on the teeter Green Girl on the teeter
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Pepper in her "anti-nursing armor" Pepper and Blue Boy in a stare down Pepper playing tug-o-war with Pink
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Blue joins in the game Green in enjoying the shade of the baby a-frame
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