3 Weeks Old

September 29, 2000

This whole series of pictures looks an awful lot like the last one at 10 days. In truth, not much changes in how they look between 10 days and 3 weeks. Their eyes are fully open now and they are getting around nicely on all fours but they still are spending a lot of time slumbering in a deep, twitching sleep. That is until Momma Pepper, better known as "the four legged milk cart" shows up! Then it's a whirlwind of activity. But I just love pictures of puppies sleeping, so please excuse my indulgence. <smile> It took me almost an hour to get these shots and I felt like a wildlife photographer as I creeped around outside the whelping box. Every noise I made must have sounded like the milk cart coming and then I would have to sneak out and wait for them to settle down. You'll see the paper in the box in these shots. We started at about two weeks to give them some paper to pee and poop on and it's amazing how fast they start using it. Last night they were moved out of the whelping box and into an expanded pen in the living room about 4' x 8', which is twice the size of their previous home. A part of that is a raised bed of pulverized recycled paper. This is a product made by Carefresh and is perfect for a little potty area. It is retained by a collar of two by fours that are set on edge so it is 4 inches high. Because they were already introduced to the paper, they are already making the effort to climb up and over the 2x4 and use this area which was seeded with soiled paper. They're not perfect but they are catching on. At first I thought I was going to have to change out the front board for a 2x2 but they are starting make the effort to climb the bigger board so I think I'll wait and see.

Today, we took them for their first trip outside. They are 25 days old and I took some more pictures of them during their little adventure. However, it was a roll of slides so it will be days before I can get the pics up here on the web. Got some cute shots though! In the meantime, enjoy these new photos. While I rushed to get the slides in for development, Terry hung out with them on the grass a while longer and got in a nail clipping session.

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The First Trip Outside

As I mentioned above, this was taken with roll of slide film. Fuji Velvia 50. Super color saturation and really too much to handle with my scanner. Anyway, this was their first trip outdoors and they had a fine time exploring the bushes and the lawn.


Feeding Time!
These were taken at about 31/2 weeks old

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