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Pepper/Jammer Repeat Breeding

Born September 5, 2000

4 Generation Pedigree for this breeding
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Coppertop Cayenne

Emberain Jelly's First Jam

The Pepper/Jammer litter is the result of many long hours of research and planning, and we are excited about the potential that should result from this pairing. Pepper is the product of a GRCA Show Dog Hall of Fame father and a GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame mother, both titled in multiple areas. Jammer’s pedigree reflects a thoughtful blending of many of the top field lines in goldens as well as a healthy dose of old breed lines—a field pedigree in which looks have not been ignored. Our goal with this pedigree combination is to produce moderate, attractive dogs with plenty of drive, intelligence, trainability, and stamina. We expect these puppies to have outstanding potential for obedience, agility, tracking, and hunting. This litter was not planned to produce show or field trial prospects. Although either could be a possibility from the Pepper/Jammer combination, we feel each of these areas has such highly specific (and totally dissimilar) criteria that this is realistically not the best litter for you if your main interest lies in either of these areas. It is, however, very likely to be what you’re looking for if what you want is a wonderful working dog who is a pleasure to look at and to live with.

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Day One and Two   Three Weeks Old


Day Ten 4-1/2 Weeks Old 5-1/2 Weeks Old

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