4-1/2 Weeks Old

October 8, 2000

These pictures were taken over a period of a few days. Everyone is doing great and they are now rotating between their digs in the living room, the pen on the back lawn and their evening/early morning digs in the garage. Today, we had a visit by the Huberts family who are on our list for a puppy. Alyssa and Mette had a ball playing with the puppies and did a great job of tiring them out.

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We've found as many as three of them sleeping in the wicker cat cave at the same time.
Our nephew, Nicholas, came to visit the puppies the other night.

Cricket, Lindy and Pepper trying to charm their way out of the dog run while we were in the back playing with the pups. They turned to this strategy after sad faces didn't work.
  Allysa and Metta visiting the pups.  

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