They're Here!

The pups are finally here!  They began arriving shortly after 8:30 AM on Tuesday morning, September 5, 2000.  There are 4 girls and 3 boys, and all are very healthy.  Each weighed 16 oz except the last girl, who weighed 15 oz. We want to thank Vicki Herrick and Dee Dee Anderson for dispensing valuable advise and holding our hands over the phone while we whelped this litter on our own for the first time. Also thank you VERY much to Terry's mom, Vonnie, for coming over and lending a third pair of much-needed hands. Even with three of us, I didn't have the opportunity to pick up the camera until we got a break after the 6th pup. They were just coming too fast!

Here are some pics taken shortly after the whelping and this morning on the second day. I will be adding installments to this page as time goes on.  I hope you will visit again and follow along on our adventure as we prepare these pups for their new homes and hopefully successful careers as working retrievers.

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Pepper cleaning off Yellow Boy. Note the blood on her head. I was not a very neat helper. I kept holding the placenta over Pepper's head while we cut the cord and of course, it rained down on poor mom! Don't worry, she'll get even I'm sure. Pepper getting a good cleaning moments before the last pup came. Pink Girl snuggling up near Pepper's paw.
Cute story about how Yellow Boy got his color. Being second to last, he had his choice of orange or yellow. While Terry was rubbing him down and getting him dry, he lay on his back and did well...did what little boys do! Someone said he HAS to be Mr. Yellow for that. I suggested that he's going to turn out to be a real PIStol. LOL!!
The rest of these pictures are from Day Two.
Is this cute or what?? This is one of those optical illusions. Try to match the heads with the bodies. Uh, try again. You might want to click and see the large version. Let's just say that the head of the pup on the bottom is not visible here.
The water pistol leading the charge for the cliff in a puppy remake of the Lemmings story.

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