Six Weeks

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday, I got some pictures of Terry working with the pups on the puppy dog walk. Pretty soon we'll put the baby teeter-totter in the outside pen for them to play on. They are officially at the disgustingly cute stage this week but also full fledged "socked foot" eaters and getting quite skilled at untying shoe laces. They had a car ride over to a friend's house yesterday and a romp in her back yard--they had a ball. Wish I had gone and taken pictures. However, here are some cute pix of them playing on the dog walk.

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Dog Walk
Living Quarters In The Garage
Here are the puppies in their digs in the garage. They have an 8'x8' box made of white Melomine-clad partical board held together with hinges. Basically a double-sized whelping box, but gives them plenty of room to move around. We laid down indoor/outdoor carpet with a potty box in the corner filled with more Carefresh to absorb the mess. They have been marvelous about using the potty boxes in the garage, the kitchen and the living room. Sure, there have been plenty of mistakes, but by and large they go out of their way to use the box. Bless their hearts!
Temperament Testing
With just a few days to go before the puppies are 7 weeks old, we had our friend, Judy Myers, over to help us do temperament testing. We were very pleased with the uniform results. Here are some of the pictures I took. Excuse me for cutting Judy's head off so many times, but I was doing both the video AND the still photos, hopping from one tripod to the next and trying not to make any noise at the same time. Not easy.

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