Five Weeks

Five weeks old and the puppies are fully weaned. We were having trouble getting Spirit dried up and put the puppies on her once or twice, but other than that they are on kibble mush mixed with a little goat milk and cottage cheese. Toward the end of the week I finally got the garage cleaned out enough to set up an 8x8 puppy box out there to give them yet another environment to explore. They hang out in the garage when the temps are too low to be out in the backyard. Now they are rotating from the living room to the backyard and then to the garage, back to the living room, to the kitchen and finally back to the living room for bedtime. Whew, don't know about you but I'm dizzy!

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Anti-Nursing Armor

During weaning we keep the pups from nursing by using two tee shirts and a pair of heat panties. You put the first tee shirt on from the rear end going forward with the back legs going through the arm holes. Put the second shirt on the normal way, then the heat panties hold it all together. Works really well and keeps those pups out of there. I think she looks stunning! <g>

Chase Games
We had more visitors over the weekend and I imposed on our new friends, Jeff and Cathy Black and Bruce and Evy Horton, to help me get some "chase" pictures of the pups. I love playing chase games with them when they get to this age, but trying to get pictures of them chasing is hard by yourself. So I laid down on the walkway and had them run by me with puppies in hot pursuit. Got some cute shots. With the last couple of litters I got them chasing so well that I could wake them up in the morning and have them chase me all the way out to the dog run to potty there. I would already have breakfast ready for them in the garage so they would run out of the house, out to the dog run and then, after doing their business, into the garage for breakfast. This year we've had such unseasonably cold weather that I just can't do that. I'm hoping it will warm up a little so they can at least begin to learn about going outside to potty before they go home.

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