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Coppertop Celestial Archer


  Born on September 5, 2000

Archer lives with Barbara Branstad and Sandy Whicker in Fort Collins, Colorado, along with a bevy of female Golden beauties. When Archer isn't chasing the girls, he and Barb are busy training for field, agility, and obedience.

Archer's accomplishments include:

  • Certified for tracking on his first try
  • Tracking Dog title earned at 12 months old on his first try
  • Junior Hunter title completed March 2003
  • WC and WCX both earned on the same day--July 19, 2003
  • NAJ and NA completed 9/26/03 and 9/27/03 with placements on every leg
  • CD completed on 4/10/04 with a first place and two scores of 196, making him the first from his litter with an AKC obedience title!
  • OA and OAJ completed 8/1/04, earned with placements on all legs
  • CDX completed in one weekend (June 3-5, 2005) with placements on all legs, to also complete Archer's VCD2
  • AXJ completed the weekend after his CDX with family friend Joanne Bartley as his partner
  • RN completed 1/21/07 in 3 straight shows with a score of 100, handled by his Auntie Sandy Whicker

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

Archer's Photo Album

Archer at Terry-All Kennel Club. New CD and 1st Place!
Photo by Kohler

Archer at Longs Peak DTC Fort Collins Agility Trial, Novice Standard
Photo by Ken Gee Photography

Archer at Terry-All KC Adams County FG Agility Trial, Open Jumpers
Photo by Ken Gee Photography

Archer at 22 months.

Arch doing his Leapin' Lizards imitation.

Barbara with baby Archer.

Archer at 8 weeks ready to fly to
his new home in Colorado.

Wake me up when we get there!

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