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Can. GMH Coppertop Wind in the Taiga MH WCX**


AKC Master National Qualifier 2005

  Born on September 5, 2000

Breeze lives with Judy Myers, who is based in California half the year and Washington the other half. They lead the free-wheeling life...literally, since they live full time in a motor home. Breeze and Judy do advanced field training when they aren't busy traipsing around North America. Judy was planning on an obedience career for Breeze, but they both got bitten by the field bug in a big way and both love this new activity so much that obedience has sort of fallen by the wayside. Breeze earned his Junior Hunter with head-turning style, including one test with scores of straight 10's across the board. This was Judy's first ever hunt test title but definitely not her last, or Breeze's either. They have, well, "Breezed" through advanced field work and are now sporting Master Hunter titles in both the United States and Canada. Maybe now they will take time to think more seriously about some obedience - or not. If Breeze has his way he will keep on getting those birds!

Breeze's accomplishments include:

  • The most travelled member of the Coppertop family - Breeze has been all over the United States and parts of Canada!
  • Junior Hunter earned Spring 2003
  • Canadian CD earned in 3 straight legs in one weekend, August 1-3, 2003, with placements on every leg, including a first
  • Senior Hunter earned Spring 2004
  • Canadian WC earned 7/31/04 at the Canadian National
  • Canadian WCI earned 8/22/04, only 3 weeks after his CanWC
  • WC and WCX earned on 10/10/04 at the Golden Retriever National
  • Master Hunter completed 7/17/05!
  • Canadian WCX earned 8/21/05 on first try
  • Qualified for the AKC Master National in 2005
  • Ran the 2005 Master National and made it as far as the 4th series - an impressive result for a Golden entirely owner-trained and handled by a "newbie" to field training. We are very proud of Breeze and Judy for their great work!
  • Canadian Master Hunter completed 6/30/06
  • One of the first Goldens on the West Coast to earn the Canadian Grand Master Hunter title
  • Canadian *** earned 4/12/08 with a second place at the BC Amateur Retriever Club field trial in Maple Ridge, BC
  • Earned first place in the Qualifying stake at the Vancouver Island Retriever Club field trial on April 26, 2008, at Swallowfield, BC - on Granny Terry's birthday!
  • Canadian QFTR finished on May 18, 2008, with a second place at the Prince George Retriever Club field trial in Prince George, BC
  • Ranked 6th on the list of the 2008 Top Ten Qualifying Dogs in Canada with 16 points

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

Breeze's Photo Album

Breeze at 3 years old.

Breeze wishing it was his turn already.

Taking his mark.

Wahoo--let's go get the bird!

Look what I got, Mom!

Judy with 12-week-old Breeze.

Breeze at 4 weeks old.

Breeze gets his first tracking lesson at 12 weeks old from Granny Terry.

Hey, this is fun!

Yee ha, look what we found!

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