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Photo by Southard

Coppertop Comstock Lode CDX TD RN


  Born on April 10, 2004

  Click here to see Carson's pedigree on K9Database

Carson is the "Blue Boy " from our Dixie/Steeler litter - the miracle baby who successfully fought to survive being stuck in the birth canal for an hour and a half. He showed us his spirit right from the start and has continued to live up to that promise. Carson lives with Libby and Gary Tiedeman plus another male Golden, several Border Collies, and a Collie. Libby and Carson are training in obedience and have also taken up tracking, which they both enjoy...Carson probably more so than Libby, judging by the fact that she ended up with an injured finger while trying to hold on to him as they passed their TD test...ahem. Enthusiasm can be dangerous. <VBG>

Carson's accomplishments include:

  • TD earned on 11/13/2005 - Libby's first tracking title as well as Carson's!
  • RN completed in one weekend January 19-21, 2007
  • CDX completed on 9/4/08 with a first place and followed with 2 more insurance legs that were also first places

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Carson - Tracking Dog!

Carson's test track as described by Libby:

"Carson’s test was on a hill side with stubble….rows plus lots of other interesting stuff.  I had been informed earlier that I should go tracking up the road (close to home!) on a field with rows…so we did.  He did great on Tuesday…..not a single falter and in record time.  On Sunday we had to wait across the road (a busy highway) and watch the dog before us...Carson was a quivering, crying mass by the time we were to go.  I would have preferred he be in the car waiting to go, but that was not possible since we had to walk quite a way to get to the start and they were trying to move things along. There was nowhere to play with and distract him since we were practically on the highway. We had the longest track, almost 500 ft. and the most turns (5), one a 45 degree angle.  He once again had to poop (way too excited) but now knowing that he leaves the track to do it, I backed up and he found it immediately (at least he thought so).  He HAD pooped before we went, so I tried!   I was not terribly convinced that he was back on it since he didn’t seem quite as committed but was going back and forth.  So I was just waiting for the whistle when he found the glove (that was the 45-degree angle turn)!  Weather was cloudy, cold, and very windy but thankfully no rain.  It had poured buckets the day and night before so there was lots of standing water.  Two out of six passed and no TDX passes.  Fun day for us.   I would like to get a TDX but hope that he will quiet down a bit before we get that done!"

A very excited Libby with Carson, the judges, and the other qualifying team.
Carson with his prized glove!

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