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Photo by Southard

OTCH MACH2 Coppertop Let's Dance

GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame
GRCA Agility Hall of Fame


Perfect 200, Multi-HIT, Multi-HC


Born on October 14, 2003

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Darcy is the "little red girl" from our Spirit/Steeler litter. She is Vicki and Bob Chaney's second Coppertop dog. Darcy is a bit of a wild child who loves a challenge and considers it her job to keep mom Vicki on her toes. Darcy's the name...and everything's the game! This team is so busy if you blink you will miss them, which would be a shame as they are definitely worth watching. In her first year of competing (2006) Darcy went from Novice all the way through UDX in obedience and from NA/NAJ through AX and MXJ in agility. Pretty amazing for any dog but especially for one who didn't turn three until the middle of October that year! 2007 was the team's year to work on gaining the polish that only comes from experience, with Vicki's goals for them set at no less than gaining dual Hall of Fame status in Obedience and Agility, just like housemate Polly has. The first half of that goal was reached at the beginning of the year and the second just a week before Darcy's 4th birthday. Frosting on the cake was Darcy earning her OTCH early in September. Just one more big goal left - MACH. That one was finally accomplished in 2009 to much celebration and fanfare. Darcy now joins her two Aunties - Polly and Shana - and her Uncle Ted in the very small but elite group of Golden Retrievers to hold both OTCH and MACH titles. Big congratulations to Vicki and Darcy!

Darcy's accomplishments include:

  • CD earned in 3 straight trials with scores of 199, 199 1/2, and 199. Darcy earned one HIT and 2 ties for HIT out of Novice B.
  • NAJ completed 3/5/06 - title earned with 3 first places
  • NA completed 4/9/06 - title earned with 3 first places
  • OAJ completed 4/30/06 - title earned with 2 firsts and 1 second
  • OA, AX, and AXJ all completed on Memorial Day weekend, 2006 - 3 titles completed in one 4-day weekend of agility trials!
  • CDX completed 6/2/06 with a score of 199 1/2 and a tie for first place with her Granny Terry and second cousin Dixie
  • UD completed 10/8/06 - title earned with a first and a second place, her first UDX leg and her first OTCH points!
  • CD to UD and NA/NAJ to AX/AXJ all earned in less than 10 months before her third birthday
  • UDX and MXJ both completed on 12/17/06 as Darcy successfully competed in obedience and agility on the same day, demonstrating her exceptional versatility
  • MX completed 1/13/07
  • Entered the GRCA's Obedience Dog Hall of Fame on 3/3/07 upon earning her 5th HIT. To earn that last HIT she won Open B with a 199.5+ and also had to win a run-off with the Utility B winner - way to go, Darcy and Vicki!
  • Perfect 200 earned out of Utility B on 6/3/07 from judge Nancy Craig - Darcy's first perfect score!
  • OTCH completed on 9/16/07 with first places in both Open B and Utility B plus High in Trial and High Combined!
  • Entered the GRCA's Agility Dog Hall of Fame on 10/7/07 upon earning her 10th QQ, also beating all the Border Collies to take first in both Standard and Jumpers!
  • TD earned on 3/22/09 at the David DTC test at Mather AFB
  • VCD2 earned 3/22/09 with completion of her TD
  • MACH completed on 9/25/09 with a first place in Jumpers and second place in Standard
  • As of 5/3/10 Darcy's obedience record includes 17 HIT's, 6 HC's, and 1 perfect 200 (out of Utility B!)

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Darcy's Photo Album
Darcy at about 4 months old
Photo by Southard
Darcy at about 4 months old
Photo by Southard

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