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Coppertop Coquette UD SH WCX



Born on January 3, 1999

Flirt lives with Elisabeth and Nelson Lampert in Ross, CA, which is near Marin. She shares her home with two other Goldens, Phoebe and Abbey, and two cats, Basil and Simone. Elisabeth and Flirt are working on advanced obedience and field work. They earned their first CD leg with a score of 198.5 and completed the title at the Norcal GRC Specialty in February of 2002. They started off 2003 by earning Flirt's CDX out of Open A, showing four times and earning 4 first places, including another 198.5 and a 199.5, plus a tie for High in Trial. Though obedience was Elisabeth's first priority, Flirt's first love is working in the field. She made her Junior Hunter debut in October of 2002 and earned her title with style in 4 straight tests, and in March of 2003 earned her WC on her first try. The obedience goal for 2004 was a Utility title, which Flirt and Elisabeth accomplished on 4/25/04, the day before Granny Terry's birthday--thanks for a wonderful present! No, we're not saying which birthday. Elisabeth and Flirt finished the year with a big bonus by earning their Senior Hunter title with relative ease for a neophyte trainer/handler/dog team.

Flirt's accomplishments include:

  • CD earned with 2 third places
  • Tie for first place in Novice at the AOCNC Top Dog competition--score of 199
  • JH earned in 4 straight tests even though her owner is a first-time trainer and handler in the field!
  • CDX earned with all first places and a tie for High in Trial
  • WC earned on first try
  • UD completed 4/25/04; title earned with all first places
  • WCX earned on first try
  • SH completed 10/17/04
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Flirt's Photo Album

Photo by Southard

Photo by Southard
Flirt with Elisabeth Flirt one month before her third birthday.    
flirt3.jpg (21589 bytes)
Photo by Martha Lampert
flirt4.jpg (30283 bytes)
Photo by Southard
flirt5.jpg (30277 bytes)
Photo by Southard
flirt8.jpg (23079 bytes)
Photo by Southard
Elisabeth's daughter took this picture
of puppy Flirt working on her front.
Nelson and Elisabeth with Flirt taken
when she was about 4 months old.
Flirt at about 4 months old.

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