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OTCH MACH3 Coppertop's Polyhymnia
GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame

GRCA Agility Hall of Fame


Multi-200, Multi-HIT, Multi-HC


Born on January 3, 1999

Polly lives in Garden Grove, CA, with Vicki and Bob Chaney. They also share their home with two other Golden Retrievers, Darcy and Ivy, a Ragdoll cat named Baggins and an African Gray parrot named Hootie. Polly has been a "dual major dog" for much of her career, working at top levels in both obedience and agility. In April of 2005 she received the rare distinction of becoming a dual Hall of Fame dog by completing requirements for the GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame after already having earned membership in the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame early in her obedience career. Polly was her mom's first ever OTCH dog; on 10/2/2005 she became Vicki's first MACH dog. She took up tracking as a mature veteran and on 2/7/10, at the age of eleven, also became Vicki's first ever TDX dog. You rock, girls!

Polly's accomplishments include:

  • Companion Dog (CD) earned with a Dog World Award
  • Competed on the Top Dog team for Southern California in all three levels--Novice, Open, and Utility
  • Entered the GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame after earning her 5th AKC High in Trial in the fall of 2002
  • OTCH completed on 8/23/03 with a first in Utility B (198.5), first in Open B (199), High in Trial and High Combined
  • Two of her HIT's were earned with back-to-back perfect 200 scores out of Open B on the same weekend!
  • AXJ completed with all first places
  • As of April 2005 Polly had finished her MX and MXJ and entered the GRCA Agility Hall of Fame
  • MACH completed on 10/2/05
  • MACH2 completed in May of 2007
  • TD earned on 2/1/09, which also earned her the AKC's VCD2 designation
  • MACH3 completed on 4/24/09 at the GRCA Western Regional Specialty
  • OM1 completed 12/11/09
  • TDX earned on 2/7/10 at the Golden Retriever Club of San Diego, which also completed her VCD3
  • As of 11/1/09 Polly has earned 22 AKC High in Trials, 19 High Combineds, and 3 UKC HIT's

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

New UD!   AXJ Leg Ist Try!

Polly's Photo Album
Photo by Southard
polly16.jpg (22554 bytes)
Polly at 9 months old
Photo by Southard
polly15.jpg (19760 bytes)
Polly at 9 months old
Photo by Southard
pandy2.jpg (19953 bytes)
Polly's big sister, Pandy
Photo by Southard
pandy1.jpg (21821 bytes)

Polly's Puppy Photo Album
polly1.jpg (21116 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly2.jpg (22152 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly3.jpg (23337 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly4.jpg (19418 bytes) Photo by Chaney
Baby Polly loves her toys.
Doesn't she look sweet? It's a facade...
The toys are mine.  The floor is mine.
Mine mine mine!
Polly and Pandy sacked out on the floor.
polly5.jpg (20209 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly7.jpg (23066 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly11.jpg (22983 bytes)
Photo by Chaney

Photo by Chaney
polly8.jpg (22042 bytes)
Photo by Chaney
polly13.jpg (22474 bytes)
Photo by Chaney

polly9.jpg (22684 bytes)
Photo by Chaney

Polly and Pandy sacked out again a couple of months later. It appears at this age Bob can only get pictures when they're sleeping!

polly10.jpg (21293 bytes)
Photo by Chaney

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