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Can GMOTCH Coppertop Pepper Shaker
GRCC Obedience Hall of Fame


  Born on September 5, 2000

Shaker lives with Maureen and Mike Cogut in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). She now also shares the house with her niece, Tempo. Though Maureen's primary focus is on obedience, Shaker has convinced her to take up tracking and agility as well. This duo is a beautiful pair to watch and have an amazing list of accomplishments for the limited amount of time they are able to train and trial in the cold and windy North. We have enjoyed watching them mature as a team, and Team Cogut has definitely become a force to be reckoned with.

Shaker's accomplishments include:

  • Canadian Tracking Dog title earned May 2003
  • Canadian Agility Dog Novice title completed October 2003 with first places on every leg
  • Canadian Companion Dog earned November 2003 with first places on each leg, two HITs and a Dog World Award
  • Canadian Companion Dog Excellent completed May 2004 with a first place and HIT
  • AKC CD completed in one weekend with a first place, two second places, one HIT and a Dog World Award
  • 7/30/04--Shaker won 2nd HIT at the Golden Retriever Club of Canada's National Specialy, winning a run-off to earn this honor
  • Canadian UD/OTCH completed in one weekend November 2004--3 trials in two days!--with 2 firsts and 1 second
  • AKC CDX completed in 3 straight trials the end of April 2006 with 2 firsts and 1 third
  • Canadian Grand Master OTCH (GMOTCH) completed on 8/26/07 along with first in both Open and Utility plus her 25th HIT!!!
  • #7 obedience dog in the Sporting Group in Canada for 2007.  Amazing since Shaker did very few shows in the early part of the year and no shows after the end of August.
  • AKC UD completed on 5/9/08 - title earned in 3 straight trials with 3 first places, including a 199.5 on her title leg
  • As of 8/5/08 Shaker has 32 CKC HIT's and 1 AKC HIT

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

Obedience Debut- Canadian Companion Dog earned 11/2/03
Click here to see the full size.
Maureen and Shaker got High In Trial on their first two legs of their Novice title.  
We got the following note from Maureen after she got home from the trials. She was pretty darned excited!

So, I packed up, and got out of here in the early afternoon. Well, I wouldnt go so far as to say that the roads were "fine". They werent even remotely fine, but they were passable, and I have certainly driven on worse. Just that I dont enjoy it much - something about those cramps in your hands after you pry them off the steering wheel. LOL! At any rate, we took it easy, and got up there with no trouble, and thankfully, our trip home was completely uneventful. I must say I'm very impressed with the highways dept up here because there was only one 20 yard stretch of yucky highway all the way home - the rest was either bare and dry, and somewhat wet but not slippery.

Got up to the show site on Friday night, and put Shaker in a fun match. She heeled around very nicely and felt great. Her attitude was her usual wonderful self. Back to the hotel for what turned out to be yet another strange night of 'sleep' in a stinking hotel room (yep, another smoking room or you dont stay in the place - next time I hope I dont have to!), and once again, there was a false alarm as the fire alarms went off about 1:30 in the morning. I never did get back to sleep and was up at 5 to get Shaker pottied, fed, and ready to get outta there.

Shakers run through on Saturday, was just lovely. I couldnt have been more proud of her, and she won her class with a 198.5, and then went on to take HIT once again. I was just sooooo excited!! Then, today, went in the ring, and she had a couple of costly bobbles, and I mean BIG TIME costly because without the two mistakes, we'd have been a 200!!! She was just a bit over the top in the energy department (two nights in a hotel room and no place to run without slipping on the ice isnt a good thing for my darlin'). But, she once again, won her class with a lovely performance and a 197.

So, as of today, Shaker earned her CD with three first placements, two HIT's and a dog world award. I am just SO PROUD of my little green bean I could bust!

Maureen & Coppertop Pepper Shaker CD, TD, AGN

Agility Debut - Canadian Agility Dog Novice earned 10/4/03
  Maureen and Shaker are both brand-new to the sport of agility but that has not slowed either of them down at all. The dynamic duo hit the agility ring with a blast and titled with first place honors on all three legs!  

Shaker's First Title - Canadian Tracking Dog earned 5/24/03
Shaker and her mom, Maureen, earned their Canadian TD at the Competitive Service Dog Club of Alberta's tracking test on Saturday, May 24, 2003, under Judge Erich Kunzel. The day was windy and quite hot--nearly 80 degrees, which is not a temperature the folks up in Edmonton expect to see in May. Considering it had snowed only the week before, the dogs and their handlers were probably not sure if they were really still in Canada or had been transported to California. Proud dad and sometimes tracklayer for Shaker's training tracks, Mike, was on hand to watch his girls strut their stuff and pass with flying colors. He took the picture of the girls heading to their start flag, and the next one of them taking off down the first leg. We have the judge himself to thank for all the rest of the photos! Judge Kunzel decided to try a "daring exploit" by carrying a camera and taking pictures as he judged the tracking teams. He did a great job, don't you think? We certainly appreciate his efforts as they allow us to share with you this story of a TD in the making.

Maureen and Shaker were the
8th of eleven TD teams to run.

A nervous but excited Maureen
takes Shaker to the start flag.

And away they go!

Shaker knows where she's going
and Maureen hangs on for the ride.

Shaker searches at a turn.

Whoa, Nelly! Shaker commits to
the turn emphatically.

Maureen does a good job of
remaining upright <g>.

Shaker lunges for the end article!

Good job, little Green Bean,
you found the treasure!

Maureen takes in this special moment
with a hot but happy Shaker.

Judge Erich Kunzel congratulates the 3 passing TD teams, including our girls.

Maureen and Shaker with big TD smiles!
Where's the chocolate, Dad?!

Shaker's Photo Album

Echo, Shaker, and Sprite Dec. 2002
Maureen & Mike Cogut.

Shaker at 10 months old.

Shaker at 6 months with duck et al.

Shaker at 6 months.

Baby Shaker demonstrates her sit.

Shaker with Sprite--can I have it???

I got it and it's mine...

They're ALL mine!

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