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MACH2 Coppertop Hot'N Spicy TD MH MXF WCX
GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame

GRCA Outstanding Dam


  Born on September 5, 2000

Spice lives with Pat and Gary White in Sacramento, CA, along with her big brother, Ted, her daughter, Bob, and Angel, the not-really-an-angel cat. She loves field work and made her field debut in 2002 with a splash. No pun intended as she inherited her mom's and grandma's flying water entry! Spice earned her WC and WCX in the spring of 2002 on the same day, both on her first try. After she also earned a Senior Hunter leg at her first ever hunt test, Pat decided not to waste time and money on the lower levels and moved her girl up to Master level. Spice justified her mom's confidence by qualifying at her first four Master Hunter tests. After a forced vacation caused by brother Ted's agility and obedience pursuits she returned to the field to earn her 5th and 6th Master legs, completing her title on 8/17/03 while she was still only 2 years old. Then it was on to agility with her usual gusto. Spice earned her NA, NAJ, and OA in 3 weekends with all 1st and 2nd placements, all within 1 month of finishing her MH. After taking time off to whelp two litters she was back in agility in pursuit of her MACH, which she completed in flying style on 10/22/06.

Spice's accomplishments include:

  • Earned both her WC and WCX the same day on her first try
  • Earned her first Senior Hunter leg on her first try, then skipped ahead to Master level
  • Earned 5 Master Hunter legs in 6 tests
  • Final Master Hunter leg earned August 17, 2003, while still only 2 years old
  • Earned NA, NAJ, and OA in 3 weekends with all 1st and 2nd placements
  • AX completed 4/4/04 with all first placements
  • AXJ completed 8/8/04 with all first placements
  • MX completed 4/30/05
  • MXJ completed 10/23/05
  • Entered GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame on 4/2/06 with the completion of her 10th QQ
  • MACH completed 10/22/06 at the Del Valle KC trial
  • Achieved GRCA Outstanding Dam status the first weekend in September of 2007
  • TD earned 1/27/08 on her first try
  • MACH2 earned 4/20/08

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

Spice Makes Her Agility Debut!

Spice's Photo Album

Spice at 2 years old.

When hunting for game,
Spice is the name...

No mystery why we call her
Hot'N Spicy!

"Well, I'd rather have a bird,
but a bumper will do."

Baby Spice!

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