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Puppy Toast

MACH2 Emberain Coppertop Toast

GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame


  Born on September 5, 2000

Toast is offered at stud to approved bitches - contact Ed & Edwina Ryska at Emberain

Toast lives with Ed and Edwina Ryska along with his big sister, Biscuit, and the rest of the Emberain Golden Retriever crew in Petaluma, CA. His current focus is field training, where he is in joyful pursuit of Master Hunter legs with his dad, Ed. Mom Edwina will do agility and obedience with Toast when she can pry Ed's hands off of him. Evidently she is a good pry-er because Toast's agility debut was a resounding success--he went 6 for 6 to earn all his legs in both Novice Standard and Novice JWW with first places on all 6 legs! He continued to gain prowess in the agility ring, quickly completing all levels from Novice through Excellent, and is now a MACH dog.

Toast's accomplishments include:

  • Won the puppy stake at his first field trial
  • WC earned on first try in the spring of 2002
  • Junior Hunter title earned in 4 straight tests
  • Senior Hunter completed in October of 2002 less than a month after his 2nd birthday
  • WCX earned on first try in March of 2003
  • Master Hunter completed 9/28/03, just 3 weeks after his 3rd birthday
  • NA and NAJ in 3 straight trials each with first places on every leg
  • CD earned Spring of 2004 in 3 straight trials
  • MX and MXJ earned fall 2004
  • GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame completed 8/27/05
  • CDX earned in 2 consecutive weekends Nov/Dec 2005, with 2 first places
  • MACH completed on 7/24/06!
  • TD earned 2/18/07 on first try handled by Auntie Cindy Hult - at the TRACS test at Mather Field
  • XF completed 6/17/07
  • MACH2 completed on 6/29/08

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger version.

Toast's Photo Album

Toast in agility at the Madera trial November '03.

Toast in action - March 2003 WCX

March 2003 - WCX

March 2003 - WCX

Toast at 2 years old.

Adolescent Toaster Man

Baby Toast goes to the snow

Toast, aka "Purple Boy"

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