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Spirit / Shale litter born November 7, 2006


The pictures from the whelping are up. See below or click here.

Click here to view the Pedigree for the Shale x Spirit Breeding on K9Database.

Coppertop Lil' Red Waggin'

Date of Birth: September 5, 2000
Clearances: OFA "Good" hips, elbows clear, eyes clear, SAS clear, thyroid normal
Height and weight: 22 inches tall and approximately 55 pounds
Coat: moderate, medium gold with white furnishings, slightly wavy, easy to manage
Build: balanced, athletic build with light-medium bone and an attractive head
Dentition: good scissors bite but missing 3 pre-molars
Pigment: dark pigment with dark, expressive eyes
Temperament: sweet and affectionate, loves people, good with animals. Energy level is "drive on demand", i.e., an excellent house dog and great nap buddy but loves to work no matter what the game is. Spirit's prey drive is high, which makes her an awesome retriever and very easy to motivate in training, and she is a dynamite water dog. She is also quite fast and extremely agile.

OTCH First String's Liv'n on the Edge

Date of Birth: April 24, 1999
Clearances: OFA "Excellent" hips, elbows clear, eyes CERF, SAS clear, thyroid normal
Height and weight: 23 inches tall and approximately 60 pounds
Coat: moderate, medium gold with white furnishings, straight, easy to manage
Build: balanced, athletic build with medium bone and a lovely head
Dentition: good scissors bite with full dentition
Pigment: dark pigment with dark eyes and a kindly expression
Temperament: smart and funny, interacts well with other dogs and with people.  Shale is very food and toy motivated, athletic, very agile, and has nice jumping style, all of which has enabled him to excel in obedience and agility.  While he is not proven in the field his owner, Kathy Rasinowich-Platt, writes: "Given the opportunity [Shale] would have done well in the field with his high prey drive and keen marking ability. When I work in the yard, he will sit for hours and observe his surroundings.  He likes to look out the window for birds, squirrels or anything that moves.  He is a great companion."

The Spirit/Shale breeding is the result of extensive research and planning, and we are excited about the potential that should result from this pairing. Spirit is the product of many generations of Outstanding Dams and Sires, GRCA Hall of Fame dogs, and champions from 3 categories - bench, field, and obedience. Both her parents and all of her grandparents hold Utility titles or higher in obedience plus at least one other advanced title in another venue. Among her 4 grandparents you will find an AFC/FDHF/OS, a CH/SDHF/OS, and an OTCH/OBHF/OD. These are not just "multi-purpose" dogs, they are dogs who excel at whatever they do and also pass their talent on to their offspring. Spirit herself is a lovely and talented girl with a high level of drive, enthusiasm, and desire to please. Her titles do not match her potential due strictly to lack of time and energy on our part. A glance through the Coppertop Kids page on this website will show the incredible depth of talent of Spirit and her siblings; among them are 5 MACH dogs, 3 OTCH's, 3 UDX dogs, 4 MH's, 3 TDX's, 1 UD, and many other lower-level titles. These dogs love to work and have a blast at whatever they do. Just as important, they are all devoted companions and easy to live with.

Shale is one of the top obedience dogs in the country, having ranked in the top 5 All Breed Obedience for 2004, 2005 and 2006. He has over 100 High in Trial and High Combined awards and 4 perfect 200's - 1 in Novice, 1 in Open B, and 2 in Utility B. In addition to his impressive accomplishments, his pedigree boasts an interesting mixture of old-fashioned conformation lines notable for their brains as well as their beauty and includes the renowned CH-OTCH Meadowpond Dust Commander. Shale brings to this breeding his solid temperament, athletic structure, sound health, attractive good looks, and exceptional working ability.

Our goal with this pedigree combination is to produce moderate, attractive dogs with plenty of drive, intelligence, trainability, and stamina; in short, good old-fashioned Golden Retrievers. We expect these puppies to have excellent potential for obedience, agility, hunting, and tracking. This litter was not planned with the specific goal of producing breed ring or field trial prospects. Although either could be a possibility from the Spirit/Shale combination, we feel each of these areas has such highly specific (and totally dissimilar) criteria that this is realistically not the best litter for you if your main interest lies in either of these areas. It is very likely to be what you’re looking for if what you want is a wonderful working dog who is a pleasure to look at and to live with.

Pictures From Days 1 - 3 Pictures From Days 5 - 10 Chiropractic Visit

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