Four Through 10 Days Old
Thursday, Jan 5th - Wednesday, Jan 13th

Things are moving along.  Everyone is gaining weight and strength day by day. They are a bunch of porkers now.  There are no slackers in this bunch!  Their eyes are just starting to open and they are beginning to take their first steps!  It's funny because I've noticed a couple of them standing up on all fours only to poop and lay back down.  I was all exited that they were going to walk and then, ah, poop!  Literally!  I'm getting tired of sleeping on the couch.  Last night I had the luxury of sleeping in my own bed  while Terry slept near the whelping box.  I pull couch duty again tonight.  Ugh!  Daytime TV is getting old too!  It's more fun to watch the pups, really.  If not for "Baking With Julia Child" coming on at noon, I would go crazy.  I love to watch her and count how many times she asks her guest, "Are we going to taste it now?"  Yes, let's taste it Julia!  I was very bad yesterday and made a batch of peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins.  Puppies will do this to you.  The pups are much more quiet now so that's a relief.  Next week we will go back to our regular work schedule and will have to get someone to come over and watch them for a few hours.  It's time to take our friend Kyla up on her offer to baby sit!

Here are some more pictures taken over the past week!

3-1/2 Weeks Old
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Taken on Thursday morning.

Green Girl. Pink Girl - Look at that tummy!
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Pink Girl Blue Boy Counter clockwise from upper left: Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Turquoise

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