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Photo by Southard
MACH3 Emberain Coppertop Biscuit

GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame



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for information on future breeding plans for Biscuit

Biscuit lives in Petaluma, CA, with the Ryska family, home of Emberain Golden Retrievers and Biscuit's dad, Jammer. Although she is one of a large household of dogs, she is quite good at making sure she gets at least her share of the attention. Like her siblings, Biscuit is a quick learner and earned both her tracking certification and her Tracking Dog title on first attempts. She excels at agility and is her mom's favorite agility partner even though Edwina finds her a challenge to run due to her speed and responsiveness. She made her Novice obedience debut in February of 2003, earning her first CD leg with a 2nd place in spite of being halfway through her first pregnancy. The rest of her CD legs had to wait until she came back from maternity leave; however, as soon as she was back the first thing on her agenda was to finish that CD, which she did with 2 more placements, then it was back to agility with gusto. In May, 2004, Biscuit made Memorial Weekend quite memorable <VBG> by becoming the second MACH in her litter.

Biscuit's accomplishments include:

  • Tracking Dog title earned at 13 months old on first try
  • Junior Hunter title earned in 5 tests
  • WC on first try
  • MX and MXJ titles completed in the fall of 2002
  • First litter of 8 puppies whelped on March 29, 2003
  • CD in 3 shows with placements on all legs -- and a maternity leave in the middle!
  • Entered the GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame in July of 2003 after earning her 10th Double Q
  • MACH completed on 5/30/04 from the grueling 20-inch class
  • CDX completed 4/23/05; 2 first places
  • MACH2 completed 8/14/05
  • XF completed 6/17/07
  • UD completed on 9/19/07 at the GRCA National Specialty in Snohomish, WA, with a 2nd place. Biscuit joins her littermates in this prestigious accomplishment, giving them the unique distinction of being an entire litter of UD Goldens!
  • MACH3 and MXF both completed 11/17/07 at the NORCAL Golden Retriever Club agility trial

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Biscuit's Photo Album

Biscuit has one speed in agility--fast!

Photo by Ryska

Biscuit at 13 months old with proud parents, Ed & Edwina Ryska, after earning her Tracking Dog title on 2/27/00

Announcing the birth of Biscuit's first babies! Born on March 29th, 2003, the litter of 2 girls and 6 boys was sired by Glenda Brown's wonderful boy, Bart, aka FC/AFC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet. Like Biscuit, Bart is known almost as much for his good looks and lovely temperament as he is for possessing talent with a capital "T". With two such outstanding parents, we can't wait to see what the future holds for these pups. Contact Edwina Ryska at Emberain Golden Retrievers for details on this litter or to inquire about planned future litters. All photos in this section are by Edwina or Ed Ryska.

New mommy Biscuit and babies. The contented crew. No, Edwina is not making puppy stew <g>. This is home away from home while the whelping box gets cleaned.

Puppies at 1 week old--eyes are just starting to open. Puppies at 2 1/2 weeks old--on the move & hungry! 20 days - Wrestle Mania!

Photo by Ryska
Mom's knee makes a great chin rest for a tired baby. At 3 1/2 wks they're starting to look like "real" puppies! A happy Biscuit with her growing brood.
I taste better than you do! Play time is short but enthusiastic!

The teeth are the last part to stop moving.

Finally, the weather is nice enough to play outside. Charge! Hey, this stuff is cool! Who's gonna throw me something?

The babies are spending more and more time outside as the weather permits. Lots of new sites and sounds to explore.

Hey, mom, when can I drive the truck?

Uh, oh...looks like the babies are growing up fast and starting to look like baby dogs. When did that happen? Time sure flies...

Mr. Blue at 7 weeks old.

Mr. Red at 7 weeks old.

Mr. Purple at 7 weeks old.

Biscuit's Puppy Photo Album
bisc1.jpg (22959 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
bisc2.jpg (19036 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
bisc3.jpg (19345 bytes)
Photo by Ryska

The Ryskas had a litter born shortly after Biscuit came home to live with them. Biscuit seems to have appointed herself resident "litter guard", though it looks like she's been caught napping on the job here!

bisc4.jpg (24695 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
bisc5.jpg (25417 bytes)
Photo by Southard
bisc6.jpg (28673 bytes)
Photo by Southard
Left to right: Ted, Jammer, Biscuit.  Edwina has agility equipment set up in the front yard and Biscuit took to it like a natural - just like both her parents.
bisc7.jpg (26457 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
bisc8.jpg (26097 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
bisc9.jpg (25633 bytes)
Photo by Ryska
"Queen of the A Frame" I love this picture of father and daughter!

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