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The Cricket/Trey Breeding

Born May 10th, 2000

OTCH Coppertop Keepsake
GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame

Belvedere's Triple Threat *** MH WCX

The Cricket/Trey litter is the result of many long hours of research and planning, and we are very excited about the potential that should result from this pairing. Cricket is the product of a GRCA Show Dog Hall of Fame father and a GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame mother, both titled in multiple areas. Cricket is herself a member of the OBHF and was ranked among the nation's top obedience dogs in 1999 despite limited showing. Trey is an exciting young dog with a pedigree that combines some of the great foundation field lines in goldens with an equal dose of lovely older breed lines - a strong working pedigree paired with classic golden looks. Our goal with this pedigree combination is to produce moderate, attractive dogs with plenty of drive, intelligence, trainability, and stamina. This litter should have outstanding potential for obedience, agility, tracking, and hunting.

Born on May 10, 2000
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