Week Seven

Sunday 5-31-04
Three of the four pups went to their new homes this weekend. <sigh> Blue Boy went to Oregon with Gary and Libby Tiedeman, Pink Girl also went to Oregon with Marge Bishop and Purple boy few to New York with Ann Lynn. On Wednesday Linda and Bob McAuley will arrive from Nebraska to pick up Green Girl. Below are the final pictures I've taken for this litter and, because there are so many for this week, I decided to break it up into four separate pages. On Friday a new aquaintance, photograher Gary Parker, came over with his wife, Kimberly, and son, Forest, to visit the pups. We are always glad to have people come and help socialize the puppies, and on this visit I took advantage of the numbers and asked them to help me get some puppy chase pictures. Got some great ones. Earlier in the morning our good friend, Louise Bryan, came over to help with the temperament testing and conformation stack photos.

On Saturday everyone started arriving and I picked up Ann at the airport. They all had to leave the following morning so we had a short time to get to know each other but we had a great time. With such a small house it was quite an adventure finding places for everyone to sleep, but we found places to set up a couple of inflatable beds and a futon and made do. I got some formal "going home" portraits taken that evening and Sunday morning, then it was goodbye time. Very sad!

Friday 6-4-04
Linda and Bob arrived as scheduled on Wednesday night. We asked if they could stay an extra night with us and they gladly agreed. Since this was their first trip to California, I wanted to show them a few of the local sights; we finally decided on Santa Cruz and 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach, Carmel. I haven't been there myself in a long time so we all enjoyed the trip. This morning we said goodbye to Miss Green Girl as she began her three-day journey to her new home in Nebraska. Once she was safely down the road we began the task of getting the house back to normal, always a bittersweet task. The Southard household seems a little lost in the vacancy left by the puppies, but we know Dixie's babies are in loving and capable hands, which makes it all okay.



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